My Story

 I am a father of 3 and my kids love when I make roads in our driveway for them to ride their scooters and tricycles. I would bend over and draw the roads with chalk.   After working all day, making the roads wasn't very fun for me to make, but my kids really loved them.  Sooo  I came up with The Doodle Stik (an upright chalk stik).   With The Doodle Stik I am able to load 8 pieces of chalk and chalk continuously from a standing position.  Once again I enjoyed making roads for my kids.   A couple neighbors saw me using it and asked if they could have one to draw basketball keys in their driveways for their kids.  The kids enjoy using them as well to draw hopscotch and play tic-tac-toe.   Grandparents love them.   Unable to get on the ground this allows them to still chalk with their grandkids..  I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.


Chris Whigham